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Python, Machine Learning & Neural Networks at SRKay

Published on : December 18, 2018        Author : Shrinivas Sarmane
Python, Machine Learning & Neural Networks at SRKay
Several technologies have dominated in the year 2018 and we’ve seen more and more companies embrace these technologies. Machine learning, Python and Neural Networks are technologies and trends which have heavily influenced the work done at SRKay. While I go on to elaborate how we’ve carved the usage of these technologies into our system let me also shed some light on what these terms actually mean. *Geek alert*

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is the science of getting computers to act without being explicitly programmed. Machine learning has given us self-driving cars, practical speech recognition, effective web search, and a vastly improved understanding of the human genome. A project conducted for one of SRKay’s ventures we developed a machine learning algorithm to match similar kind of products using products title, specifications, technical specs and etc.

Neural Networks

Neural Network is a model inspired by the human brain. It is widely used today in many applications: when your phone interprets and understands your voice commands, it is likely that a neural network is helping it to understand your speech; when you cash a check, the machines that automatically read the digits also use neural networks. In an E-commerce project conducted for one of SRKay’s ventures, the neural network algorithm works in such a fashion that it adapts new attributes in the product field and learns more about it thereby helping the machine-learning algorithm to match with better accuracy over time.


Python is known for making programs work in the least lines of code. It automatically identifies and associates data types and follows an indentation based nesting structure. Overall the language is easy to use and takes less time in coding. There is also no limitation to the data processing. You can compute data in commodity machines, laptop, cloud, desktop, basically everywhere. Earlier Python was argued to be slower than some of its counterparts like Java and Scala but with the Anaconda platform it has caught up to speed. Hence it is fast in both development and execution. One of the projects that we worked on involved using Neural Networks to compare a product across various e-commerce platforms and suggesting near real-time prices, just better than the competition. Python helped in handling the huge data with a quick response time and smaller code footprint.

It is mindboggling how these technologies can transform and give various dimensions to a business. Being part of an SRKay funded venture we have the liberty to experiment around various cutting-edge technologies. At SRKay Consulting Group innovation is at its very core and I believe that we will continue to explore and implement innovative methods and technologies every day!