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Innovation Is Not Enough – Therefore We Invest in Something Else

Published on : September 19, 2018        Author : Shreesh Tongaonkar
Innovation Is Not Enough – Therefore We Invest in Something Else
SRKay Consulting Group is a private equity investor in high potential startups. Generally, investors calculate the potential in profitability, we try and look beyond that. We look for entrepreneurs with businesses that have innovation at heart, strong technology backbone and something more.

We at SRKay believe that just innovation is not enough. Almost every organization, from small start-ups to large corporations is trying to inculcate the culture of innovation and succeed in varying degrees. Innovation essentially means coming up with new ways of doing things and can help businesses to solve problems. Today is the age of exponential technology change, being innovative is a requisite to just survive and stay in the game.

Investing in Innovation beyond technology

While technology might be the key driver of innovation, it is not enough for sustainable business development. Developing innovative business models are also the need of the hour for long-term business success. Research reveals that only those businesses that view their employees as their partners in innovation are 60% likely to succeed more. Whereas ground reality is that only 16% startups and businesses held this view. Startups that do have active employee engagement plans, and a sense of community responsibility are more likely to fail within 3 to 5 years.

Investing in Business with Values, Vision and Sustainability

The world has many very good ideas but those willing and the ability to act upon it – the implementers are very less. Therefore, investors must look beyond innovation that is heavily dependent on current technology or market scenario. We look for startups whose founders have transformative innovation ideas. This essentially means looking for sustainability and a vision just beyond profit. Many companies and entrepreneurs are running startups that identify needs and support current business needs but are missing the major shifts with the customer behavior. It needs a futuristic vision which comes of solid grounding in principles of sustainable development.

The foundation for sustainable development is rooted in strong values and ethics of integrity, partnership and trust. Values and Vision is where we invest beyond profit, technology and innovation.