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Tech Trends 2018 & Beyond

Published on : Apr 19, 2018        Author : Aditya Ammanabrolu
Tech Trends 2018 & Beyond
At SRKay we try to be disruptive about coming up with new ideas and skilfully implement them, surpassing the expectations of our peers. No this is not imagination or just theory. This has been proved to be true by the hardworking and innovative team of new age developers at SRKay Consulting Group.

One of hottest tech trends of 2018 are Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence(AI). And this is true as more & more companies are embracing these technologies. AI can be used almost anywhere. There are of course other trends like IoT and Robotics among others. But companies may be forced to use AI and ML as the underlying backbone succumbing to the demands of the customers. Such is the impact showcased by AI and ML in the recent years. The technologies are becoming affordable even for small-scale IT companies to use them.

For those who do not know the relation between AI and ML, ML is a subset of AI. AI makes it possible to replicate and mimic the human brain in the form of software-based products and services. AI requires research extensively. But giant companies like Google have made open source frameworks like "TensorFlow" to be available to the developers free of cost. There may be other libraries and products being made by other companies that will give glimpses of the powerful AI world to the developers.

If Google and Microsoft can raise the bar for AI and ML and also contribute to the Open Source community, we understand that the Open Source products are just the tip of an iceberg. The paid products that these giants provide have been perfected to a great extent, providing their customers with that sci-fi edge.

Another trend that is making waves in the IT industry is Big Data. Managing and analyzing such huge data in terabytes and petabytes is becoming possible due to the introduction of big data and distributed computing.

Google's File System (GFS) was the game changer in the Big Data game. The Apache's HDFS has been inspired by GFS. Again AI and ML are being applied to manage and analyse this huge structured and unstructured data that is getting transferred via the internet.

In the Banking sector, Big Data plays a very important role to provide banking products to its customers. Banks are currently investing in the domain of Big Data and distributed computing.

If they are smart, then the common advice would be to roll out predictive and analytic products to the banking customers to win the trust and reliability of the customers.

The tech trends at any given time depend on the following factors:

1. Demands of customers and clients.
2. Reliability of customer data.
3. Cut down of workforce investment.
4. Maximise profits and provision for scalability.
5. Innovation that proves real-time applications.

Obviously, there are other parameters to look out for but if at least the above key points are fulfilled then such a technology can be identified as a trendsetter within the industry.

As observed, it is not an easy job to satisfy these key points and requires long-term investment and research.

Any company can set a tech trend. It just needs to reorganize itself and prove its worth in real world situations.

The tech trends of today may become the legacy of tomorrow. So let's strive to convert every emerging technology itself into a trend. This requires backing from the open source community and good-hearted developers to come forward and contribute to the technologies they like and feel responsible for.

Note: The opinions and ideas expressed here are only of the author's own.