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SRKaySpeak - Suresh Subramanian

SRKaySpeak - Suresh Subramanian
After having worked for “Brands” both in India as well as Abroad, never in my wildest dreams had I thought of joining an IT firm in Gujarat and that to in Surat. In simple words, for me, it was completely unexpected. When I say unexpected, it was not that I only wanted to work with “Big Brands” or major players, but that one word, which caught my attention and interest was “Young” while speaking to the CEO, CTO and CBO during the interview process. That made me say “Yes” wholeheartedly and without a speck of doubt from within. There is a whole lot of brilliant ideas, brain storming, logical fights and what not within the teams and team members, which creates an apt environment for the next-gen innovation and a solid foundation for future Subject Matter Experts (SME’s). SRKay CG is the next-gen digital innovation hub without an iota of doubt.

Within SRKay CG, I always love to speak to as many young professionals as possible and mentor them about their projects, issues, personal and professional goals, life in general and many more.
I feel absolutely connected with young professionals with no barriers at all, which is what sets our organization apart from rest of the corporates. There is Leadership and Work force that is it; no multiple layers in between. It is great to see the Leadership team mentoring the resources directly and allowing them to access their core area of knowledge, experience and expertise with the help of which, SRKay CG has witnessed emerging young leaders within a short span of time or in other words in a span of maximum 2 years. The transformation is mindboggling. Majority of the other global organizations can only dream of such a situation.

I strongly believe that SRKay Consulting Group is one of those very few organizations in India and even abroad where majority of the crowd is less than 25 years of age or in other words 86% of the workforce is below 25. Super energetic and always charged up to take on whatever is hard pressed on them. You don’t see this happening often, especially when a person like me coming from a different part of the world and finds a hidden pool of talent located under one roof in a city like Surat, which is nothing but a major diamond hub. Kudos to SRKay CG and the founder team for having established an IT nerve center in Surat where futuristic applications, thoughts and ideas are given shape, character and life with countless hours of hard work and innovation. I am sure the efforts will pay of big time in near future and in fact it has already started.

For me, an exciting journey has just begun.