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SRKaySpeak - Sooraj Keswani

SRKaySpeak - Sooraj Keswani
An Anniversary to remember
I recently celebrated my first work anniversary with SRKay Consulting Group LLP. As I look back at the past year and all that has happened it seems like a flurry of plans, transitions, course changes and high adrenalin pace and action.

It seems as if I have belonged here for much longer than the year I have been here. It is inherent in the company culture to make people feel comfortable, give them freedom, be considerate towards their needs without losing focus and intensity on the pursuit of business goals.

As employees pursuing our personal and professional life ambitions through employment, all of us look for employer credentials before exploring career opportunities with them. This is a peek from the outside and helps us form a perception to enable decisions. A true reflection of a company is its employees. This is why sites like have gained prominence for reputation checks on employers.
SRKay Consulting Group follows its lineage of ensuring employees are taken care of. Although it is the youngest of the group ventures, it has taken the onus of setting the pace in conquering the world in the domains it operates in. As part of the leadership team, I play my role in contributing to building a company culture that powers the effort.

My entire duration so far with the company has revolved around 2 pillars: employees first and change the world. We have policies built on trust and transparency for employees and customers. It is these values which motivate me to drive myself and my teams towards fulfilling our ambitions. It gives me goosebumps and I tingle with excitement on what we have set ourselves to achieve and the focused manner in which we are going about it.

It leaves no doubt in my mind that we will succeed at what we are out to do, and I look forward to celebrating many successful anniversaries here.