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SRKaySpeak - Ruchit Bhatt

SRKaySpeak -Ruchit Bhatt
Privileged with Great Mentors at SRKay

Great education and knowledge come when you have prodigious guardians and mentors. We at SRKay have the privilege to get mentors who have abundant experience and are willing to guide us to do the right things in a better way. I have seen this company’s growth from 25 people to 250 people and it feels great to be a part of such a growing organization.

SRKay’s learning methods not only gives exposure to the real world but also encourages and give opportunities for innovating and creating something of your own. The continuous appreciation and constant suggestions given by the mentors help us to work proactively.

I joined the company in the Human Resource department and have got the chance to explore Administration, IT and Training in detail. I have enjoyed every bit of the last two years and will want to continue to grow more in the Human Resources.

Another good part is that I am able to continue my Arts and Sports activities while being in the organization.

I would not forget to thank our founder Govindkaka, who has been an inspiration to a lot of youths by giving away the motto – “I am nothing, but I can do anything”