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SRKaySpeak – Pooja Thadhani

SRKaySpeak – Pooja Thadhani
I joined SRKay in the month of December of 2018. I work as an analyst in ScrumStart’s revenue and operations team. It is a different role than those I have performed earlier.

I love challenges. I think I function better when I’m given a problem and asked to solve it. My role at SRKay feeds this side of my brain perfectly. Every client that I work on comes with its own set of challenge and I am supposed to provide a solution which addresses all the constraints.

As much as I liked my mundane life of going to office and doing the same kind of work day in and day out, I enjoy the unplanned nature of my day at SRKay. We are growing, we are trying to explore different aspects of our offerings. In this process, we have been trying to set internal processes in place for smooth operations. General management has been one of my strengths and this job gives me the opportunity to explore and grow in areas of my interest.

I would love to see my career graph in this current role of mine.