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SRKaySpeak – Pooja Panchal

SRKaySpeak – Pooja Panchal
An adventure in a great organization influences the best approach to appear shorter

My voyage in SRKay Consulting Group.

Who said IT organizations are exhausting... the most wonderful voyage of my life commenced at SRKay Consulting Group on 8th January 2018. Just like any other individual even I was anxious carrying the parcel of tension of what would occur and how everything would fall into place, however, everything happened to head in the right direction.

Training was the most captivating time where all the new faces met up in an equivalent room where everyone present was anxious but with the assistance of our seniors and our HR, everything went smoothly and we got to learn a lot.

A Communication Training was organized for all the employees, which was extremely useful to everyone and it one of the most wonderful event and we enjoyed all the activities. It helped us overcome our stage fright. For me, communication was a challenge but the training really helped me in aspects like, how to present your ideas and analyze a different kind of behavior. I can say that we are a family here.

After the technical training, I have now been set in the automation group. In the beginning, I felt that QA doesn’t contain any coding; however, later I realized that automation contains coding as well. Other than that, I also understood that QA is personally a more challenging activity than coding since we have to compose complex automation algorithms which test every single conceivable situation. Now I can say that I enjoy my work a lot!

SRKay Consulting Group has a well-disposed environment where every single one of us has a benevolent and helping nature, unlike other IT organizations. The entire team is devoted and objective situated. Every single person works hard and has a great coherent and innovative intellect. We figure out how to speak with our clients and furthermore how to adapt up to our due dates. In our firm, we come together as a family for various celebrations and celebrate with great eagerness.

I do it since I cherish it and not on the grounds that I need to do!