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SRKaySpeak – Payal Asodariya

SRKaySpeak – Payal Asodariya
A new chapter of life was about to begin on 5th June 2017, a batch of 31 students were ready to begin their professional journey with SRKay Consulting Group. One of them was I with little nervousness as I was stepping into a busy and hectic life from my extravagant college life, but as we joined SRKay, It felt like we were one family.

"The best project you’ll ever work on is you" -Joanna soh

Well, I will not hesitate to accept that I was not that good with technology or the other areas for that matter. However, it was after the two months of behavioral training that things changed for me. After the training, we were placed in live projects and that is where I began to sharpen my skills. There are very few organizations which take care of their employees other than work areas. Here I have learned to think with different aspects. Talking about learning Saturdays, learning different things other than your key areas is again a great way to enhance your skills.

I absolutely love this journey and I can say it with pride that this is my great career head start.