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SRKaySpeak - Janki Gadhiya

SRKaySpeak - Janki Gadhiya
SRKay- My home away from home
When it started we were just 25 people in a big infrastructure building with weapons in our hands; ready to shoot but we didn’t know the target. Fortunately we had our technical leaders who directed us in the right direction. The experience and knowledge which we have gained at SRKay is extra ordinary.

The starting phase of the technical training was difficult for us but we were taught to follow the correct process of development and we received the right guidance. We were asked to Fail Fast, so that we could learn early from our mistakes and correct those in time. Initially most of us didn’t get things right in the first attempt, but that didn't lead to any discouragement. SRKay believes in quality of work and our work quality improved day by day. The proverb “The struggle you are in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow” proved right for us.
You are never discouraged to try a new technology in SRKay and I believe that is what makes employees passionate about the job that they are doing. Recently When I was getting assigned to a new project, my mentor told me- “Enjoy your responsibilities and you will never feel the work load.” and he was right. I enjoyed every bit that came my way and till date I have never felt tired of what I do.

It’s been 3.5 years at this organization and all I can say is that SRKay is like a family to me. I have got friends for life time over here. We work, laugh, cry, celebrate, enjoy, collaborate, care for each other, motivate and most importantly we constantly get the opportunity to learn new things.

After joining SRK, I have got the opportunity to work with many technologies like : Android, iOS, Java, Express JS, Node JS, Sails JS, Spring Boot, Mongo DB, SQL and so on. Today when I look back to the initial days of my journey, it seems like true adventure and learning experience for me.

“True leaders don’t create followers they create more leaders.” and Yes, our leaders have created more leaders and my goal is to do the same.