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SRKay Speak- Dipak Savaliya

SRKaySpeak - Dipak Savaliya
Profoundly Innovative talented culture
If I have to describe the culture of SRKay CG in five words then it would be talented, driven, dedicated, innovative and ambitious. Over here I see all the members of SRKay CG very young and talented. Based on facts, an average age of SRKay CG member is 26 years and most of them have completed engineering in the fields of technology. Hence, I believe all of us possess immense talent to create new technology and are able to solve the most complex business problems through technology.

To solve any complex problem one needs to think logically and creatively and usually we tend to think of creativity as specifically referring to art but there are all sorts of creative acts. A scientific breakthrough that you arrive at through your intellect, that’s a creative act. The SCIKEY business venture is a creative act where many young minds push their innovative ideas in the business and execute them under the guidance of creative and talented leaders. The team of SRKay CG is highly dedicated and result oriented to achieve the goals. I consider myself fortunate enough to see people working highly dedicated to fulfill the demand of their clients or to finish the execution of ideas that eventually lead the organization to being the most successful startup. Hence, the SRKay CG is known as one of the fastest growing startups in India.
Apart from Innovative and result oriented culture, SRKay CG has a very unique culture of openness where any person can connect to anyone without any hesitation and this makes me feel proud and empowered to talk with the great leaders of our company.

I feel proud of myself for being a part of this exciting journey at SRKay CG.