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SRKaySpeak - Dhwani Jain

 SRKaySpeak - Dhwani Jain
SRKay - Lets you discover your hidden talents.

I am a privileged member from the first batch of SRKay which started in July 2016. Since then we have been witness to the massive strides and seen the company growing in front of us. And it has been quite a journey so far.

The mentors at SRKay Consulting Group played the role of parents who nurture and teach the newborn. I clearly recall the time when we were just 25 people along with few mentors from Pune, in a sprawling campus of our company. We started with behavioral training followed by technical training before being put on the live project. Our first product was FuturxLabs where we got all the lessons of the initial phase of professional life. The frenzy times of tight deadlines and complex technical requirements shaped up. We worked very hard sometimes deep into the wee hours till 4 AM, pushing ourselves (sometimes cribbing and crying too) to meet the client deadlines. Those times made us the professionals we are today.

We were forced to adopt new technologies as well as the environment and that’s why today we all are full stack developers. Each and every member of SRKay Consulting Group has played an important role in bringing out the best of us whether it would be Ruchit Bhatt our HR who helped us with all the facilities they could provide, like food and transportation, or Sharmilee and Sandeep Menon for providing behavioral training or Sujit Udhane who has been an integral part in growing ourselves into the technical geeks. Alok Sir was instrumental for motivating us while our very own Pravin Bhai, whose tea has always helped us to stay awake even after being exhausted after long hours.

It was through such times that we became a family that celebrates festivals, birthdays and supports each other emotionally. So in short we have turned into from ordinary untrained, immature fresher, to persons who can be an asset of the company and can add value. We have grown from a small team of 25 to over 150 people across multiple locations, with teams for development, maintenance, HR, Sales and Marketing etc.

Sales and Marketing team is playing a key role in our company to establish and propagate the company culture and values. They are even helping and encouraging employees to discover their hidden talents using various events like blogs competition, football league, marketing leagues etc. This is apart from selling the products, branding our company etc. One of the examples, I can take up is of the Monsoon blog competition where we needed to write small blogs related to the topics given to us. I just liked the topics for the blog so I decided to write my views and guess what recently the winners were announced and I was declared as the winner of the competition and I got the Amazon voucher. It was really unexpected. This really motivated me to explore my creative skills more and sharpen them. I have a lot of appreciation for the management of SRKay to bring such cultural and opportunities that help the employees to explore the potentials although this being primarily a technological company.