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SRKaySpeak – Bhumi Aghera

SRKaySpeak – Bhumi Aghera
SRKaySpeak – My Office cum My School
‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’.
To take this single step… To take this first step is always difficult for everyone. But if we get the right platform and guidance, it becomes easy to complete the journey of a thousand miles. After completing my college, I got this first platform and guidance at SRKay and that’s why I consider SRKay Consulting Group as My School.

A school consists of different standards and characters. Different standards imply different projects and when I compare SRKAY to my school, I see different standards and characters over here. SteerHigh is the first project that I worked on and got the opportunity to learn a lot about technology. In SteerHigh, I learned about the NodeJs Technology and currently, I am working on the SCIKEY Project. While SteerHigh was a platform to learn about technology, SCIKEY is a platform to learn beyond technology.
Now let me introduce the characters of my School. My colleagues and friends are my classmates. We enjoy working together by sharing knowledge and happiness with each other. I have great leaders as my teachers: Bipin and Sujit. They have provided a true platform for me to learn many things. Now as a Principal, I would like to introduce Shriram. One day he said that every member of the team has to give one idea each day. This made me wonder if it were really possible to share a new idea each day but when I gave 20 ideas in a single day, I realized my strength and was happy with the result. I am grateful to each and every character in my school.

I have recently completed 1.5 years including 6 months training in SRKay Consulting Group and all I can say is that it has been a pleasant experience to work here. I would like to be a student my whole life no matter where I am.

‘My goal is not to be better than anyone else, but to be better than I used to be.’