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SRKaySpeak – Aman Kanaujia

SRKaySpeak - Aman Kanaujia
SRKay Consulting Group has a one of a kind of an Ideapreneurship culture which has created a dynamic work environment amongst employees in the organization. The culture of openness, innovation & perfect balance between work and fun is what makes working here an amazing experience. The home developed innovative products such as SCIKEY and Serenaway have helped all associates to advance into ideapreneurs. Working on these two projects especially has been an excellent learning opportunity for me.

SRKay is an association which gives you numerous challenges to exceed expectations and furthermore engages you to accomplish hierarchical and individual objectives all the while. Leadership treats you as an entrepreneur and not just a worker. Consequently, it's a spot for individuals who need to act naturally determined!

SRKay is a spot where you can paint your very own canvas and compose the future all alone!