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The Startup Puzzle

Published on: May 2, 2018        Author: Akshay Sharma
Only an entrepreneur can decode this? Below are some pieces in the form of my thoughts, try and see if you create a picture out of it.

Charles Darwin once said, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”

As the external ecosystem evolves, it becomes necessary for any startup to develop equally faster internally. Let us discuss, how does that happen.

The Startup Puzzle | SRKayPerspectives

Three significant parameters responsible for successful startup evolution:

1. The right founders: ‘sky is the limit, only if you think it exists..’

Entrepreneurs/intrapreneurs have a knack to solve problems. They find ways to get things done; it doesn’t matter what it takes. They work 24×7 because they love what they do.

Successful entrepreneurs don’t keep pace with the external world; instead, they dream big. They define their own path and create their own milestones.

Their vision is so big, that people think that they are crazy.

Successful entrepreneurs stick to their vision, no matter what happens. For them, the failures are nothing but steps to future successes. They create a diverse and excellent initial team of leaders, aligned to their vision, who makes sure that their next line is also exceptional. This sets in, a culture of excellence.

Crystallizing from the mind of an entrepreneur, as the startup evolves, new players get added to the initial team and the overall culture changes rapidly with time.

2. The right leadership: sweet & salty

After a stage, it is no more about creating the unimagined. Instead, to maintain the growth momentum of the startup, it then requires a different set of leaders, who can then run the show created by the founders

These seasoned business leaders bring stability to the startup, through their wisdom. They set processes so that scalability becomes easier and hence the startup successfully metamorphs to its next phase.

After a period of sustained stability, it again requires hacking the growth. The entrepreneur/intrapreneur comes into the picture back, to disrupt everything for a better gradient.

Hold on. Is there something missing? Fresh basil, right...

Only experienced leadership is not sufficient, instead young leadership is equally important.

Research shows that the best solutions to most complex problems in any field are at times by people who have never been exposed to such issues or even that field.


Because these people bring an entirely new perspective to the table, which the veterans cannot think.

An evolving startup needs a combination of seasoned business minds and fresh curious minds in the leadership, all full of energy, to turn it into a super successful organization.

It requires the seasoned minds to shed their inhibitions and the fresh minds to learn virtues like patience, to create a winning team.

Bringing in the right leadership and talent, at the right time is necessary, for the perfect evolution of a startup.

3. The right team mindset: what’s your value?

Within the team, there should be a strong feeling of ownership for what they do. Each team member should own the end outcomes, co-relate the impact of each action they take, on business outcomes and set aside their mental inhibitions to achieve the common goals.

They need to ask themselves,

‘What is the value that I bring on the table, to make this venture a success?’ ‘Am I adding the value that I am capable of?’

If x is the expectation from them, no matter what value they add, be it 0.1x, 1x, 5x, 10x or 100x, every team member still needs to ask this question to himself/herself, every single day. If they can walk just one extra step every day, more than the expectations, this can push the organizational productivity to all new heights.

In such a situation constraints take a back seat. Such a team mindset can beat the best of the competitors.

So starting from the founder orientation, the right leadership and till the right mindset, energy and passion at every employee level, each one of these internal changes helps successful organizations stay ahead of the time.

It is all about the perfect mix of mindsets. Know more