Experience the SRKAY Life

SRKAY is a team that works with a vision of ethical and mindful growth. Our culture is our binding glue that is aimed at happiness, care and giving back to the society for our employees and families across several nations.

Our Culture

Work Flexibility

Work remotely or in office; it's a choice that is open to all employees. For many of them, even work hours are decided by them with only one thing in mind - Timely and quality delivery.

Values drive our culture and belief system at every level. Innovation, high performance, result orientation and a happy team is an outcome of our values that are very dear to us.

Empowered Teams

We work in small empowered teams and rightly call them as IBUs (Independent Business Units) that have high empowerment to take decisions that can help them achieve their goals.

Truly a Family

We care for our colleagues and families as that is the purpose we all are working for. Our values lay emphasis on a happy family. And yes, we prefer hiring a family member for any open position we have.

Flat structure with outcome focus

It is not how many hours you invest, but the outcome that matters. Performance is recognised promptly as we keep our structure very flat. 

Attract best-fit talent and mentor them for growth

Attract right talent & helping each other grow is part of our value system. We celebrate each of team member's  success as our own. We are on a mission to create many more CXOs.

Our Values

The different colours of SRKAY & its brand SCIKEY represent equal-opportunity, diversity & a reflection of life. We believe that our employees should not have to strive for Work-Life Balance. Instead, when we are obsessed about something, driven by a growth mindset, achieving Work-Life balance becomes effortless, and our flexible yet focused culture truly supports this attitude.​ In short, for those who can adapt to our work culture, life at SRKAY is FUN, like living your dream by the beach.

Customer Focus

Value, earn & keep customer trust. Think long-term, always.


Be known for working towards commitments, authenticity, admitting mistakes openly.​


Simplify things. Learn from failures & mistakes. Fail Fast, Fail Small​. Get back up quickly.


Focus on impact to customers, business & real value-creation, over status-quo or a discriminatory mindset. Deliver results.


Collaborate, embrace people from diverse backgrounds & different perspectives for better business outcomes.


Work like an owner, Never feel ‘that’s not my job’. Focus on what is best for SCIKEY & encourage robust decision-making.​


Uphold ethics above everything else, even if that means walking away from a million-dollar deal.

Trust & Transparency

Listen to understand others, build trust, provide candid, timely & transparent feedback to colleagues, customers & stakeholders.

Mutual Respect

Be assertive when required, but always be respectful.


Our work is a reflection of us. Take pride in what we do & deliver excellence. Inspire others with your value-creation.

Continuous Improvement

Stay curious and learn continuously. Improve everything that we do, small or big. Keep raising the bar.

Fast & Frugal

Encourage decision-making and move fast. Business velocity is a big strength. Stay lean and accomplish more with less. 

Our Social Commitment

SRK Knowledge Foundation is an outcome of our Chairman's vision 
'Giving it back to the society'

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