SRKay Consulting Group Opens US Office in Chicago

SRKay Consulting Group Opens US Office in Chicago

Pune and Chicago, 3rd May 2018: SRKay Consulting Group today announced the opening of its US office in Chicago. With its presence in the US, SRKay intends to open the vast market of North America to its ventures. Recently SRKay announced its intention to open the Helsinki R&D office in Finland to support innovation needs of its funded and accelerated ventures.

"The U.S.A. has always been the most favored destination for any technology company and having a presence there is a natural choice. Our U.S.A. office in Chicago will serve as the node for business development and consulting for all our ventures, generating local jobs and creating more opportunities. As a PE and acceleration company, we will become active in the innovation ecosystem that the US pioneers," said Alok Kumar, Director of SRKay Consulting Group.

SRKay's ventures are incubated and accelerated in a well-invested ecosystem and have experienced higher and faster success in a short span of time. With its presence in UK, Nordic, India and the US, SRKay is positioning itself to become a truly global accelerator for its ventures.

About SRKay Consulting Group

SRKay Consulting Group invests and accelerates innovative, high-potential and early-stage opportunities and businesses, alongside offering premium business advisory services to start-ups as well as established organizations. The area of focus is on long-term investments in futuristic ideas that aim to make the world a happier and a better place. The Group's investment interests include businesses that seek to differentiate themselves through the use of cutting-edge technology.

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