SRKAY Product Lab

10x faster and 10x lower in cost of product development using Low code framework and 'Developer on Demand'.

Products with 'Low Code Framework' 

Reuse of Codes

Ready made fully tested boilerplate codes that give most of the standard functionalities in any business product.

Readymade Products & Mobile Apps

Readymade web & mobile products that cover most of the business needs like eCommerce, CRM, Project Management and many more. 

Popular Coding Frameworks

We use PHP and its frameworks in most of our coding we are open with any other popular Tech Stack like NodeJS, Angular, Rails, WordPress etc.

Business Ready

Lot of our coded products are SaaS ready with web and mobile apps. Specific needs can be coded by our developers to suit any business customisation.  

Developer On Demand

Hiring full-time developers can be very expensive unless any business has a long-term need for these developers. Technologies age fast and what works today will be obsolete in near future. Looking at such dynamic change in technology landscape, SRKAY comes in handy with both sides of the spectrum. We develop end-to-end product with SRKAY Low Code Product Development Framework,  or provide developers-on-demand based on the specific need of any business. 

We specialises in providing high quality full time and contract skilled talent anywhere for technologies your business needs. Our digital, partner, freelance and crowdsourcing ecosystem is well developed to provide any business with top notch technology skills on demand. 

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