It has been brought to the notice from various sources that some fraudsters are approaching job seekers in the name of our legal entity SRKay Consulting Group and its brand SCIKEY and promising them JOBS (that are fake) with top multi-national companies in India and abroad. 

Our team is investigating this and has reported certain suspicious people, email addresses, and websites to the Cyber Crime Cell and the respective hosting provider company.
Kindly note, we have NOT authorized any officer, affiliate, supplier, partner, or representative of SRKay Consulting Group or brand SCIKEY, to demand money or any kinds of consultancy or job placement fees in cash or kind or favour, from any jobseeker or in public.
Our authorized email domain is @Srkay.com or @Scikey.ai only.
In any case, you come across anyone who claims as a representative of SRKay Consulting Group or for SCIKEY asks for money or any kind of favour to help you get a job in India or anywhere in the world, please do NOT believe them. It must be a scam. 
We encourage you to report any such incident to us immediately at scikey.support@scikey.ai
Kindly beware and spread this message across your network such that no one in your vicinity falls prey to such fraudsters with malicious intentions.
We wish you all the very best in your search for work or the next job.

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