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Experience the SRKAY Life

SRKAY is a team that works with a vision of ethical and mindful growth. Our culture is our binding glue that is aimed at happiness, care and giving back to the society for our employees and families across several nations.

work flexibility

Work Flexibility

Work remotely or in office; it's a choice that is open to all employees. For many of them, even work hours are decided by them with only one thing in mind - Timely and quality delivery.

Empowered Teams

We work in small empowered teams and rightly call them as IBUs (Independent Business Units) that have high empowerment to take decisions that can help them achieve their goals.

Empowered Teams
Truly a Family

Truly a Family

We care for our colleagues and families as that is the purpose we all are working for. Our values lay emphasis on a happy family. And yes, we prefer hiring a family member for any open position we have.

Attract best-fit talent and mentor them for growth

Attract right talent & helping each other grow is part of our value system. We celebrate each of team member's success as our own. We are on a mission to create many more CXOs.

Attract best-fit talent and mentor them for growth
Righteousness [Dharma]

Emphasizing integrity and ethical practices in all interactions, focusing on the well-being of customers and stakeholders.

Selfless Service [Nishkama Seva]

Emphasize the value of selfless service, where employees are encouraged to work with dedication.

Unity in Diversity [Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam]

Cultivating a collaborative and inclusive environment, where diverse perspectives come together as a cohesive team, respecting each other's contributions.

Humility [Vinayam]

Encourage humility among team members and leaders. Humility leads to an open-minded approach, fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth.

Our Cultural Approach
to Business and Operations

Team Spirit [Sahayogita]

Encourage teamwork and collaboration as an essential part of the organization's culture. Recognize the collective strength of a united team working towards common goals.

Balanced Lifestyle [Yukta Ahara Vihar]

Promote a balanced lifestyle, focusing on the well-being of employees and encouraging them to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Leadership by Example [Acharanat Eva Hi Siddhim]

Leaders should lead by example, demonstrating the values and principles they expect from their teams. A culture of integrity and authenticity starts from the top.

Servant Leadership [Sevak Neta]

Inspire the principle of Sevak Neta, where leaders act as humble servants to their teams, guiding and supporting them with empathy and selflessness.