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Personal Virtual Assistant: Game-changer of 2018.

Published on : Mar 14, 2018         Author : Shubham Ghormade
Personal Virtual Assistant: Game-changer of 2018
India is a country with a population of 1.35 billion. To keep up with modernization, India is taking a foot forward and growing fast by moving towards digitalization. All ages are currently well versed with the need and importance of mobile phones, starting from the first generation right upto the upcoming generation. We can perform any task though the mobile like paying bills, shopping anything from anywhere & most importantly we can conduct business as well as invest via mobiles. The number of traders and entrepreneurs are increasing day by day in India. Many businesses can be handled via the mobile online. Trading plays a very important role in this.

At the beginning of 2018, we heard the news of the World Stock Market crash. Indian traders lost around 10 Thousand Crore INR. This news got traders scared. Many traders in India who lost money in this crash were small traders holding 100 to 300 shares on average. These small investors do not have a personal assistant or business analyst. That’s why they lose money in this crash.

Traders are constantly in fear that the market is taking many ups and down and they not able to understand the market. Although in these ups and down the ones who are holding a few shares are taking the risk and losing money. Traders require excellent knowledge to invest in the stock market. Small Investors need a better guide before investing in any stock.

So in 2018, a virtual personal assistant can play an important role, which will have the ability to advise the traders and keep track of their records. It will also be able to manage their business statistics and kept an eye on taxes. Tasks such as when to file GST etc. can also be handled by a virtual personal assistant. These virtual personal assistants can also encourage newcomers to buy stock and start trading. The economic state of India can stabilise through this.

A Virtual assistant would be smart enough to keep a daily track on the share market. According to the users demand it can provide smart options which will have good returns. GST was one of the main concerns in India. Small scale businesses are still not able to understand it. The large scale businesses have appointed business analysts and financial experts for the same. While investing in any stock they take suggestions from them. Financial experts manage their profit and loss accounts. So they can file GST at the right time with right credentials.

The Assistant would be able to track businesses as users enter all the required details. A Virtual assistant would also be able to track your profit and loss statements and file GST for your business.

A virtual personal assistant can be in the form of an application or a website which can be only accessible by the authorized person. The user can handle this through the web from any part of the world. A smart technology like the virtual assistant can be a game changer in the near future. This cost-friendly and easily accessible assistant can be a choice of many in need. Pocket-friendly virtual assistants would also be preferred in the coming years.