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Think Big, Dream Big, Believe Big & The Results will be Big - Timothy Kasbe

Published on: July 28, 2017
 Think Big, Dream Big, Believe Big & The Results will be Big - Timothy Kasbe
“Some people dream of success, while other people get up every morning and make it happen.”

Applause continued beyond the normal when Timothy finished his talk at SRKay, in front of scores of senior executives and young budding leaders. Their applause probably did not come for what he spoke, but out of sheer respect that developed after understanding how a village boy from Wai, born to poor Dalit parents could become one of the most sought after technology and business executives globally.

Kasbe hails from Wai, a small town about hundred kilometers from Pune. Little Timothy was very attached to his parents and took great inspiration from them. His father, David was a pastor at local church and mother Salara devoted most of her spare time in serving poor and underprivileged. Both the parents tried their best to provide the best education to their son, at the same time they inculcated the most positive human qualities in him right from the childhood. From studying in a high school that taught in the local Marathi language to being a graduate of Duke University, Timothy owes his success to all the hard work of his parents.

Timothy has been CIO at three major companies, Reliance Industries, Sears and Intrexon. His most challenging role has been the Chief Operating Office of Gloria Jeans, a Russian Retailer. Being a person who believes that trust is crucial for success, Russia has been altogether a different playground. In his words, “Russians are not known to trust each other or foreigners much at all. Therefore, a big part of the transition was to gain credibility and trust. I work at it every day.” Kasbe worked in all aspects of the company, from technology to supply chain. The language barriers did not hold him from coaching the employees to provide their best for the company. In his five years of working with Gloria Jeans, Timothy created a global image for the company.

Currently, Kasbe is working as Chief Information and Digital Officer at The Warehouse, New Zealand. Timothy is known for looking at things differently and his one of the few executives who encourage others to move on from the big Fours in the world market and create their own global presence. He encourages today’s youth not to hold back and push themselves to achieve what they believe they can. When asked about the secret behind his positive energy, Timothy replies, ““I always feel myself full of energy. I give enough time for my physical and mental health that helps me feel turbocharged all the time. I love reading books and articles from where I learn a lot. I work hard and when it comes to enjoying my spare time, I party hard too.”

From the mud roads of Wai to the downtown lanes of Chicago, Timothy’s journey is an inspiration to millions of youth out there who hold themselves back because of their small town education and poverty laden background. No language barriers and no financial barriers should hold you back when you want to be successful in your heart.