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Nothing To Everything - Govindbhai Dholakia

Published on: July 17, 2017
  Nothing To Everything - Govindbhai Dholakia

“Positive Energy can heal the universe.” Spend some time with the founder of SRK Exports or just read few lines about him, you will feel the positive energy flowing in your mind and soul. At the age of 64, he still surprises everyone with his positive attitude and strong will-power. Ask him how he does it, he will smile and reply, “I do not have space for negative feelings such as tiredness or fatigue.”
Just like the 3 Cs to check the quality of a diamond, Govindbhai, a small boy from rural Gujarat made use of the 3 Cs in life. Choice, Chance, and Change. He believed that ‘You must make a Choice to take a Chance or your life will never Change’. Govindbhai took that chance in the year 1970 by setting up a factory along with two partners with a capital of just Rs. 5,000. The company grew exponentially within its first 7 years. Today, SRK Exports is the leading diamond manufacturing unit in Surat, with an annual turnover of 800 million USD and has more than 5000 team members spread throughout the globe.
Govindbhai Dholakia was born on November 7, 1947, in a remote village of Dudhala located in Gujarat, the same year when India got its independence. Mr.Dholakia’s journey correlates with the journey of Independent India. Govindbhai is one of the shining diamonds of the ‘Shining India’. Born into a family of 7 brothers and sisters, Govindbhai grew up just like any other child in a poor agricultural family of rural India. There were no special treatments, better education or any other special privileges. Govindhai had a ‘simple’, at the same time ‘hard’ childhood. Simple because Dholakia family lived a simple life with limited resources to feed several mouths. ‘Hard’ because life wasn’t easy as it is today. Younger Govinbhai had to walk barefoot to reach his school, which was located about 6 km away in a nearby village. He studied at school till noon and later went to his family farm to help his brothers all day long.
Govindbhai’s success journey with diamonds started in the year 1964, when he came to Surat to work in the diamond polishing industry. He got his first job within six months of arrival and still reminiscents his first pay of Rs.103 very fondly. The humble nature of Mr.Dholakia can be seen right from such a young age when he promptly gave away his entire pay to his brother Bhimjibhai Dholakia. His brother gave him the pocket expenses of three rupees from his pay. Well, the diamond polishing was the first stepping stone in the long enriching journey towards the multi-billion diamond business. From polishing diamonds to exporting diamonds to several countries, Mr.Dholakia has come a long way.
Fondly called ‘kakaji’ (Uncle) by his employees, Mr.Govindbhai Dholakia is one of the most down-to-earth people you will ever meet. Coming from a basic educational background, with no family business history, he has been successful in establishing his massive empire. Govindbhai’s sheer dedication to his work, his belief in his people and his zeal to bring smiles on their faces, have helped him in reaching where he stands today. He is a true example of ‘A man risen from ‘nothing’ to ‘everything’.