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SRKaySpeak - Rohit Ratkal

SRKaySpeak -  Rohit Ratkal
Business Intelligence (BI) is the technology practice area which enables businesses take better decisions using data and analytics performed on data. BI in present date is being used in every aspect of life from business to politics. I am delighted to have joined SRKay as the first Business Intelligence Reporting Lead and looking forward to have an entrepreneurial journey here.

My last 2 month stint at SRKay has been promising and has given me the opportunity to wear consulting hat, where we are free to come up with recommendations to implement the best in class solution at every phase of the project right from requirements to deployment. The agile and quick delivery of projects ensure that we see the impact and value created by our work on client businesses providing immense satisfaction and motivation to outperform ourselves.

SRKay Consulting Group with its expertise and value based foundation is bound to succeed and I am glad to be part of this growing organization.