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SRKaySpeak – Vivek Kulkarni

SRKaySpeak – Vivek Kulkarni
I had read a quote somewhere "To be the best place to buy you must be the best place to work. Treat your employees the way you want your customers to be treated, maybe even better."

This exactly matches to SRKay. I am 6 months old to this organization and had a wonderful experience ever since I started. SRKay gave me a right platform to work and deliver.

The work environment is best I have seen. All the people around are tech experts or business tycoons which gives you a solid boost to perform and compete. When it comes to competition I see a fair competition among the experts who are more concerned about who can deliver better. In the first month itself, I received appreciation from my bosses which motivates a lot. One thing I have learnt here is that if you want to deliver high keep the employees motivated. For every task I delivered my managers appreciated my work which keeps me moving on and on and now I am addicted to getting appreciations from the customer for the good work I do.
Businesses often forget about the culture and ultimately they suffer for it, because they cannot deliver good service from unhappy employees. In SRKay you would always see the smile on the face when they return home from the office that’s due to the office environment and great management values.

I had learnt the X theory and Y theory of management. I see a lot of Y theory being practised here which makes SRKay the best place to work. Although we don’t have 360-degree performance evaluation system I am sure all the managers would get a great feedback from the employee here at SRKay.

I want to thank SRKay for giving me an opportunity to work here and make my dreams come true.