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SRKaySpeak - Sonal Shinde

SRKaySpeak -  Sonal Shinde
“In the 3 months of my experience working as a sales representative at SRKay Consulting Group, I have received great opportunities to develop my skills and experience in numerous ways under the guidance of my managers and colleagues. I have matured as an individual and my experience of working with others, both colleagues and customers has contributed a lot to the development of my interpersonal skills. An amazing work culture of SRKay Consulting Group allows me to see the bigger picture and how my role aligns to the overall goals of the organization. Having built up a broad range of experience, I am now much more productive in my role – and much better equipped to handle unusual or difficult situations. I have learnt to shape the way I work.

In SRKay I learnt a great deal about prioritizing, which has helped me manage the workload, and is now something I do out of habit. During my personal experience of working with SRKAY Consulting Group I have received great support, guidance and exposure than I could have ever imagined. Leaders are very supportive and the work culture here gives you amazing corporate feel!”