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SRKaySpeak - Leslie Abraham

SRKaySpeak -  Leslie Abraham
It has been a year since I joined the Human Resources Team at SRKay Consulting Group and SRKay is clearly a place where monotony never strikes. Every day the learning curve has been on an uphill and HR being a support function as one may think, at SRKay it clearly has been the backbone. HR here is not only about getting the best people on board but also managing them, ensuring they are of key importance. Processes have been streamlined to ensure the ease to work by all and this is of utmost priority for the HR and will always be so.

SRKay consists of people from different walks of experience, fresher’s to utmost senior levels all striven towards a common goal, and this is what SRKay is all about, a sheer bliss of "experience". A mix of product and services with non-negotiable strong values and ethics keeps this organization intact and growing. The constant guidance and support from veterans of this field is nothing less than enlightening. To grow not only in terms of your skill but also as a person is seldom seen in organizations but this is guaranteed at SRKay.

To sum it all up, SRKay to me stands for the below:-

Strive for Respect and Knowledge in Achieving the whole nine Yard