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No one thinks about technology at SRKay

Published on: June 7, 2017        Author: Alok Kumar
No one thinks about technology at SRKay
Almost six months back when Kesavan and his family met for dinner, he least expected the offer of the CTO for my new company SRKay. In his words "The fact that I was already the CTO of Sears India and after spending seventeen long years in the US with few patents in my name and least desire to get into a new venture, the prospect of getting into something like this was not very exciting initially. SRKay and the vision of the company got registered in my mind, but I was still not convinced."

We discussed for hours, but finally, we could generate interest when we started discussing the question that came to me. "Is Amazon a technology company or a retail company?"

From Walmart to the smallest retailer globally, every retailer has submitted to the might of Amazon, and again, with technology services like AWS, where it has become the market leader in cloud, there is no ONE answer to this question. The same question can be repeated for a similar breed of companies like Uber and Airbnb; Are they a technology company or business using technology; a pattern emerged. A whole new variety of enterprises have taken root where core business is traditional, but technology is the key enabler, unlike the traditional ones. It is not the product or services that matter anymore. It is the user experience that is the differentiator.

It was there we decided, SRKay investments will be made in businesses that use technology as the backbone and not in technology as a service. Now, the prospect appeared exciting to Kesavan and he finally signed-up for SRKay.

After few months his excitement grew. In his words "I did my first project in diamond sector and realized the potential of technology in creating new business opportunities. A significant growth in sales just because technology can give better user experience was an eye opener on the possibilities that lay ahead for SRKay."

SRKay has one of the best technology teams in the country today. We could train average engineering graduates and convert them into great product engineers in a matter of few months. Today, each of our engineers is far more productive than the market average. This difference is possible because our team at SRKay talks business first. For SRKay product team, the user experience is the problem we solve while every technology needed for that, starts getting assembled later. With such a kind of business focus, we could churn out sizable products in just six months under Kesavan's leadership.

SRKay Chief Technology Officer is a different kind of a leader today. In his words; "For the first time, I feel I am a real business leader and not just a technology enthusiast."